The kingdom of heav’n is like a king
Who wished to settle accounts with his slaves.
When one who owed much was brought before him,
He had him sold since he could not repay.

The servant fell down, “Have patience with me,
And I will repay you all that I owe!”
The lord of that slave showed him compassion;
He forgave his servant and let him go.

O slave! Your king had ev’ry right
To lock you up, throw away the key
His mercy’s bigger than your debt,
So now you walk forgiven and free.

But that slave went out and found another
Who owed him much less, “Pay back what is due!”
When that man pleaded to be shown patience,
He locked him up since he did not want to.

O slave! Do you have any right
To lock him up, throw away the key?
His debt’s much smaller than yours was,
Why can’t he walk forgiven and free?

Their fellow slaves, when they saw what happened,
Were deeply grieved and told all to the king.
“You wicked slave! You should have shown mercy;
Now you’ll be tortured and pay ev’rything.”

O slave! Your king has ev’ry right
To lock you up, throw away the key
Since you did not show him mercy, now
You won’t walk forgiven or free!

Then Jesus said this to His disciples:
“My Father will do just the same to you,
If you don’t truly forgive your brother.”
Forgive him, and you’ll be forgiven too.

So if you don’t forgive then God
Will lock you up. but here’s the key
Forgive your brother from the heart,
Then you’ll both walk forgiven and free!